You may not want to wait til spring……

Monday Mojo ImageWaiting ‘till spring…may want to rethink that.

We live in a counter-intuitive society. Rather than buy stocks when they are low, we jump into the market when we hear the stock is hot, missing out on the best part of the growth. Instead of selling when things are high, we wait until the ship is already sinking before we jump off. And for many of us thinking of selling our home, we wait until the newspapers, radio and television let us know the market is heating up and it’s time to sell, rather than selling when the time is best for us.

In virtually every market across America – and even in our market here – 15 to 20% of the homes that sell will do so in the first three months of the year, before the spring market gets a good head of steam going. And the best part of that is those who sell during the first part of the year usually face way less competition than those who wait until after March has gotten here.

If you are open to selling at this time of the year, you’ll have a stronger pool of motivated buyers knocking at your door to see your home. That is for sure.

Here are a few things to consider if you are open to selling now:

  • Best foot forward: The first showing on your home, believe it or not, is the pictures that people see when they go on line. Make sure you have professional-looking photographs of your home on line so buyer prospects get a great first impression of your home.
  • Christmas is over: Packing up the Christmas decorations is a hassle, let’s be honest. Sometimes we can let them linger a little longer after Santa has dropped off the goods. Make sure that you’ve returned your home to its every day look and keep is spotless. It may even be worth it to invest a small amount of money to have your home professionally cleaned so that it shows extremely well to prospective buyers.
  • Make small improvements: Sometimes that toilet-paper roller falls off and we let it linger longer than it should. Occasionally, the wall gets marked and we don’t wash it or paint over it right away. From time to time, a stain gets on the floor and we don’t call in the
    flooring people to get it squared away. Unfortunately, these seemingly insignificant issues can detract from the saleability of your home. Take the time to fix the little things to make your home shine.

There are scores of other hints, tips and tricks we’d love to discuss with you if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market.

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