Why relationships are important!!!

We tend to take for granted our relationships with others. We get too busy to spend the needed time as we seek to get ahead in the “rat-race” of life. But, if we can stop for just long enough to think about this, do the other things matter if we don’t have relationships? Does success in finances, career, material things, etc., really matter if we don’t cultivate relationships with others who can share in those successes?
We’re all familiar with Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol. In watching the wealthy yet miserable miser Scrooge, we’ve probably all wondered the same thing: Why? What’s the point? Why pinch, scrimp, save, and reach financial success, to be miserable all by one’s self?
I don’t know about you, but I rarely enjoy eating out by myself, especially at a nice restaurant. While it’s definitely a nice break sometimes in between appointments to go over my goals and get back on-track, it’s definitely not the type of thing I like to do all the time. Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant, maybe on a business trip, ordered the filet mignon, and felt very hollow and alone as you looked at couples talking over a nice meal? Some things are meant be enjoyed and shared with others. In fact, most things are best enjoyed in the company of friends and family!
So how do we keep from subconsciously undervaluing relationships? The truth is, nurturing those relationships usually doesn’t take as much time as we think. We blow relationship building out of proportion! It doesn’t mean we have to quit our careers, sell all of our belongings and give up all of our personal goals. It does mean that we need to be more thoughtful in our approach. Here are some pointers that have helped me:
– Date your family members. I think it’s very important to take close family and/or dear friends on “dates” every so often. What little kid won’t remember that special one-on-one fishing trip, road trip, visit to the local ice cream shop, for the rest of his life? What spouse won’t remember that “date” that was specially crafted with their favorite interests in mind? What dear friend won’t remember an out-of-the-blue dinner or lunch invite?
– Take friends or acquaintances out for coffee. For those people who aren’t connected quite as closely, it never hurts to sit down over a cup of coffee. Just the thoughtfulness of asking is a big sign that they matter to you.
– Make a phone call. Have you called that old friend from college in the last several years? What about your aunt in Pennsylvania? When’s the last time you thanked a past customer? The fact that you took the effort to dial their number will mean something to them.
– Send something special. I know it’s old fashioned, but a handwritten note means a lot. Even a quick e-mail means something.
In real estate, there are three ways of getting business: new customers, past customers, and referrals. We love all sources of business, but we cherish the business that comes from past customers and referrals! They’re easier to talk to. Referrals have been introduced by a friend
In order to get referrals, we have to constantly realize that we are in the business of cultivating relationships. Our goal has to be to provide such a high level of service that our customers want to refer friends and family. It takes a long-term approach rather than a short-term perspective.
We are grateful for the relationships we have with you and are anxious to serve you and anyone you know at the highest level. Please let us know what we can do for you today.

Monday Morning Mojo!