Think Spring – Home Improvement Project Ideas

Maine welcomed the first day of April with wet heavy snow, a cunning April Fools joke on all of us looking forward to warmer weather. Well played, mother nature, well played. Although it may not feel like spring just yet, many Mainers are sprucing up their homes and readying themselves for the Big Spring Clean. Whether you’re planning on fixing up, preparing to sell, remodeling a room, or redecorating for a “springy” feel, here are some ideas and tips to help you get started on your home projects.

Let’s start with the Big Clean! 10 essential tasks to help tidy up the interior of your home:

A continuation of the latter, this is a complete checklist to ensure you that your home exterior is up to date:

Having friends over for dinner? Still stumped on how to spruce up the dining room? 3 creative ideas to freshen up the decor:

For homeowners looking to sell this season, this link provides pertinent info on staging your home that can significantly improve the sale price and reduce the time that it’s on the market. Learn all the tips on attracting potential buyers here:

With all this talk about spring, we would be remiss not to mention gardening! Although it may be a bit early to plant seed, here is a handy guide to get your lawn ready and your green thumb back in action! Plenty of great links here!

With warm weather weather on the way, we can finally look forward by saying so long to winter, and salutations to spring