The Buyer’s Advantage


Some buyers have an advantage over others. They have set themselves up to be in the strongest negotiating position possible, when it comes to making an offer on the home they want. Here are the steps you can take to put yourself in this category of what realtors call a “golden buyer.”

Obtain financial pre-approval upfront. Sellers will prefer you over other buyers, whose financial qualifications are uncertain. Especially in these times of financial turmoil.

Look only when you are ready to buy. If you have a home to sell, or need a long time to close on a home for other reasons, many sellers will not even consider your offer.

Distinguish between easily corrected deficiencies and major structural problems.
Often the very best buys are homes passed over due to ugly carpet or wall colors, or the need for simple improvements which can be done at modest cost – such as some electrical updating or a minor plumbing repair.

Remember – the best houses always sell first.
We will call you right away on any new listing which meets your needs. The very best houses usually sell this way – before they are ever advertised or held for an Open House. Which leads us to:

Be ready to schedule your viewings during business hours and weekdays. This is when we first hear of new listings. Buyers who plan their house hunt for weekends and evenings will miss out on these “hot” listings which sell before those times. Furthermore, most sellers prefer not to interrupt their family time for showings.

Don’t underspend.
Or course, don’t overspend. But don’t make the opposite mistake either. If you buy less than you really want or need, it will cost a lot more to “buy up” again in a few years. It’s great for realtors (we get to sell you another house!), but not for you.

Bring measurements of important furniture pieces when looking at homes. If it has to fit, find out on the first visit.

All buyers on all showings. If your spouse only comes to see the house you like best, he or she may not appreciate it, not having seen all the “disasters” you’ve already ruled out. This applies to mom, dad, or Cousin Vinny if they need to approve your choice.

These are not difficult measures to take, with a real payoff to you.